Grindstone Roofing & Restoration LLC is owned and operated by Jonathan Mitchell Caldwell. Jonathan is a lifelong resident of middle Tennessee and until most recently, of Fairview TN in Williamson County. He attended Fairview elementary, middle, and high school, until transferring to and graduating from Heritage Covenant Christian Academy in 1997. Jonathan and wife of 10 years Jamie, daughter Laura, and son Coleman now reside a few miles down the road in Kingston Springs. Jonathan enjoys spending time with his family, a passion for the outdoors that includes hunting of all types, crappie fishing, and competitive bass fishing, as well as watching Fairview High School football under the Friday night lights. The Caldwell household are all members and regularly attend Harpeth Heights Baptist Church in Bellevue, TN. Jonathan has a lifelong history of working for and owning various construction based businesses that has enabled him to possess a very unique skill set. Straight out of high school, he went to work for his uncle in the drywall trade. That’s where he started to get a feel for the importance of communication in business for one, but more importantly, learned the values of good ole fashioned hard work. It wasn’t long before he was able to make the transition from laborer to a management position in the company. Figuring out new creative ways to assemble crews and schedule projects was something he was noted for having a knack for as well as customer relations that far exceeded most seasoned business owners, let alone the average young man in his early twenties. In 2002, Jonathan was offered a partnership in a construction company specializing in custom home building. In the span of 10 years he overseen and was involved in the construction of more than 50 new homes. The amount of experience and knowledge he gained in that period is paramount. Being hands on involved in every single aspect of the construction of that many highly detailed projects, as well as handling accounts payable/receivable with vendors, suppliers, and customers has made quite the veteran contractor/businessman out of Jonathan. At the beginning of 2012, amidst a national housing crisis, Jonathan accepted a sales/project management position with a local restoration company specializing in insurance claims recovery. This was a market that he had not yet explored but had noticed that many companies were doing quite well in, despite the poor economy. This move, as it turns out, was one of destiny according to Jonathan. He feels like he truly discovered his calling in life. All the years of hard labor, the years of intricate, detail oriented, custom home building, and the years of customer relations have combined to create what Jonathan feels like is the total package. “With Grindstone, a customer can expect to get way more than their money’s worth, every time. The amount of knowledge and experience we bring to the table, coupled with the level of customer service we provide is something that very few restoration companies have the ability to measure up to. I’m very excited about the future and firmly believe that Grindstone will be a huge success. The combination of hands on and management level experiences we offer as well as a grasp and understanding of how to conduct business with the insurance industry are sure to create a failsafe company that isn’t entirely market driven.” according to Jonathan. Those that have worked with Jonathan can attest that there isn’t much pertaining to a house that he can’t handle. Whether a simple repair or improvement, constructing an addition, or completely building a new house from scratch, he has done it and has the successful track record to prove it.