Home Building / Renovations

Grindstone can truly do it all! As an experienced home builder with a reputation for building homes that will stand the test of time and have incredible attention to detail, Grindstone owner Jonathan Caldwell has engineered a great system for building custom homes and renovating that is very popular with the more than 50 families he has built for. Offering turnkey, bottom line pricing on the front end of a custom home contract gives you the customer the sense of security you need when delving into likely the largest investment of your lifetime. It also streamlines the entire process of pre-construction appraisals, locking in mortgage rates, and acquiring adequate funds from your lending institution. You can expect to see in black and white exactly what your house will cost before the soil is ever disturbed. This requires extra work on our part to begin with, but from our experience pays off tremendously as it establishes a final figure for the customer to plan for. As opposed to confusing, often heavily padded cost plus budgets. If you are seriously considering building a new home and are interested in hiring a qualified, professional contractor that will exceed your expectations in quality control, efficiency, and attention to detail, then look no further. Contact us today to schedule an in home consultation to discuss your plans.